Frequently asked questions

How do the credits work?

Credits are essential if you are a Share Sale merchant. After you have created your share sale and a customer has shared your sale to gain their discount, a credit will come off of the Merchant account. 1 credit = combined share on Facebook and Twitter (note the credit cannot be split between the two platforms).

Purchase your credits once signed in as a Merchant using a credit card.

What is sharesale?

ShareSale is a social media marketing app. It allows a customer to enjoy the discount you have offered by sharing the Sale on their social media platforms.

How do I get my discount?

As a customer download the app from the App Store. Open the ShareSale app and using geo-location the relevant ShareSales will be at your finger tips of the Merchant you are at. Choose the discount you want, add a picture, push share and show the Merchant your Share Receipt.

Can anyone become a merchant?

Yes, anyone who wants to enjoy this platform is welcome to and it is a simple, free of charge sign up.